TPW Prüfzentrum GmbH

Xantener Straße 6

41460 Neuss


Tel.: +49 2131 6655 100

Fax: +49 2131 6655 555

Bonding through state of the art technologies.

Boilertubes are in the field for 25 years or more in our fast paced time this almost seems like an eternity. To fulfil the principle of quality products
for our clients BARTHEL established its own material testing company
TPW Prüfzentrum for destructive as well as nondestructive material testing
– this makes the team of BARTHEL and TPW Prüfzentrum one of a kind
in the industry.

TPW Prüfzentrum offer the full range of service in destructive and nondestructive testing. One example of our services is xray testing and ultrasonic testing – using equipment that seems to get smaller all the time but more efficient and powerful at the same time. Furthermore, we use latest technologies, such as computer tomography– to detect even the smallest failure and defect. We also work in close collaboration with leading universities – as we always keep our eyes firmly set on the goal.